Is a Borrowed Deposit a Viable Substitute for Genuine Savings?

It’s common knowledge that you need funds kept in your savings account over a certain period to prove that you’re responsible enough to handle your finances to qualify for a home loan. Australian mortgage lenders call them genuine savings. Genuine is the operative word; these cash reserves generally can come only from regular incomes, for

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person computing a budget

Dealing with Debt by Liquidating Assets

Crushing debt hampers the growth of your wealth. The usual way of paying off debt is the slow way of multiple payments across the years. But this can be too slow for some people. If you want to pay off your mortgage now, one option is to sell off some of your assets. Here is

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Four Areas in Your Home to Consider When Staging

Staging a home means that you decorate your interiors in a way that would be most enticing to a potential buyer. It’s meant to showcase your home’s assets and features in such a way that house hunters could envision themselves living there. A well-planned staging of your home would not only make it pleasing to

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House loan

Homebuying: 5 Loans That Will Help You Buy Your Dream Home

Buying a home remains a dream for many people in the US. According to a 2019 survey conducted by Realtor Magazine, 79% of respondents still believe that homeownership is a vital component of achieving the American dream. Although the majority of the respondents gave homeownership a high rating, they admit to having a hard time

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trash bins

4 Ways to Manage Your Waste at Home

We produce lots and lots of waste, and the numbers just keep on growing. We also recycle the least. If we want to leave behind a better world for our children, we need to recycle more and generate less waste. It could be as simple as repairing recycling equipment so that it would last longer

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Where to Start: Welding Safety Tips for Beginners

Welding safety begins with understanding all the things that can go amiss and the right preparation to prevent them from happening. A few of the risks that can occur during your welding session include hand injuries and electric shock. That’s why it’s crucial to have the right protective gear during your welding operation to ensure

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meditating at work

Effective Ways to Promote Work-life Balance

Employees used to look for a high-paying job. Nowadays, people tend to put income second after healthy work-life balance. This is why companies should revisit their ways and see if they meet this need of employees. How can you promote excellent work-life balance for your employees? Here are some ideas: Pay Attention to What They

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vintage car

4 Ways You Can Make Your Old Car Look Brand New

A car is an expensive investment; not everyone has the privilege of buying a new vehicle every few years or so. Many people are driving and will continue to drive the same car for years. There is a way to make your vehicle look new no matter how long it has been with you. Proper Maintenance

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Hail storm

Minimizing a Hail Storm’s Damage to Your Property

Hail storm damage is a costly problem. In 2017, it left a whopping $1.7 billion worth of property damage around the United States. That same year, hail storms were most prevalent in Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Wyoming. If you live in any of those prone areas, your efforts need to be doubled when

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