Breaking Down Your Goals into Easy Steps

They say fake it until you make it. But you don’t have to fake anything. You only need to know how to make something from scratch. Well, not really scratch. First of all, you need to know your goals. Once you are clear about them, you could start planning. Filter out what’s not important or

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house for sale

Six Questions to Ask Yourself When House Hunting

Choosing a new home is both exciting and intimidating. Moving means you’re getting a fresh start — you get rid of what doesn’t work for you anymore and find the right things you need. At the same time, you also don’t know what that new life will have in store for you. The impressions you’d

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real estate

Unexpected Expenses When Buying Your First House

There are so many more expenses to consider beyond the down payment on the mortgage and moving costs. And when you’re not prepared for them, you might find yourself draining your savings and being in a financial pinch instead of enjoying your new house and land. If you’re planning to buy a house and currently

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construction worker

Jobs That Require You to Use Appropriate Work Boots

Although technology and equipment are continually evolving in today’s contemporary world, one thing remains constant, and that’s different industries that involve manual labour requires strong and capable men to run. However, even if builders work like a well-oiled machine, they’re bound to get injured because, after all, they’re still human. Countries like the USA and

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How Is Commercial Real Estate Faring Under the New Normal?

For most industries, having a functional and efficient commercial space will motivate and drive most of the workforce to success. Placing your business in a critical location, such as a busy street that’s close to offices, can attract a lot of customers and potential business partnerships. But setting up your own commercial space isn’t as

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man repairing a car

Working On Your Car’s Undercarriage: Some Safety Pointers

Working on your car is one of the best ways to learn more about your vehicle, but it comes with a level of danger, especially if what you’re working on requires you to go underneath your car. We asked expert mechanics about some essential safety tips for people attempting to go underneath their vehicles to

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modern living room

North Melbourne: Your New Home

Mention the name “North Melbourne,” and you’ll probably think of hip, cool, over-your-budget houses in a gentrified neighborhood. And while that’s not technically wrong, North Melbourne has a lot to offer that make it one of the most lucrative investments you can make in Victoria’s capital city. With land for sale selling out fast, it’s essential

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HVAC system

Heat Conservation: Loving Your Future House But Not the Cold

When you’re looking for a house, sometimes you’re faced with challenging decisions. For example, you may love pretty much everything in one of your choices, but it’s drafty and too cold for comfort. Do you fix it up when you finally buy the house, or do you look for another? Here are some potential issues

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approved mortgage loan application

Qualifying for a Mortgage Without Genuine Savings

Logic dictates that you need to save money for your deposit when you finally buy a house in Geelong or vacant land for sale in Grovedale, Newtown or Clifton Springs. Irrespective of the size of your regular savings, at least 5% of the property’s cost should come from funds you’ve stored somewhere or invested in

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