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Pointers for Building a Tiny House on a Big Lot

As costs of living continue to rise, more people are abandoning their big homes in favor of tiny ones, going as far as full RV-living. Tiny homes are acclaimed as a radical and creative way to address the lack of affordable housing, and to reduce living costs and environmental impact. But if trailers and RVs are

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Home Renovations that Increase the Property Value

All homes have a distinct feature that makes them unique and special to the owner, yet that doesn’t mean that they are completely perfect. There are always areas that can be improved to improve its overall appearance and add more value to the property itself. Many property owners turn to home renovation because they really

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Invest in Real Estate in the Pandemic: Grow Your Wealth with Properties

Investing in real estate, especially residential properties, provides you with excellent opportunities to build wealth. If you can purchase suitable properties, you can generate huge amounts of income. Unfortunately, with the economic downturns brought by the coronavirus pandemic, people are growing hesitant about making investments. Indeed, placing your money in an industry that you aren’t

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Real Estate Trends: Why Home-Buying Is Still a Popular Investment

Achieving financial stability is one of the most sought-after goals of most people, especially working adults. Of course, most of them dream of experiencing a lifestyle where they don’t have to worry too much about money. This is one of the common reasons why many people are trying their best to look for ways to

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Managing Your Mortgage During COVID-19

In September of last year, about 2 million forbearance plans expired. Real estate experts also predicted that we might be headed for a foreclosure crisis as the pandemic and recession rage on. If you’re one of the people who were hit by the COVID-19 crisis, know that you are not alone in your financial hardship.

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Cover the Bases: Home Buying and Avoiding the Burden of Utility Costs

The real estate market experienced an unexpected boom in the previous year. Amidst the massive losses that countless industries suffered, the housing sector stood out above the rest. The sudden outbreak of a global pandemic prompted a mass migration of people from the city centers to the low-density suburbs. Buying, selling, and renting of properties

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Modern Tech Trends In the Real Estate Industry in 2021

The real estate industry has always been an appealing sector for many investors, with investments on the market dramatically increasing in the past couple of years—improving real estate tech and streamlining processes within the niche. With that in mind, here are the latest tech trends reshaping the real estate market in the new decade. Virtual

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Improving Property Value: Patio Rooms and Amenities

As the housing market starts picking up steam and experiences a steady recovery from the initial effects of the global pandemic, we’re seeing a good number of people going back into real estate and a healthy amount of excited homebuyers looking for a house. Of course, while the statistics and demand aren’t as high as

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The Signs You Should Rent Instead of Buy a Home

Buying a home is one of the top life goals for many people. Growing up, the idea that buying is better than renting has probably already been ingrained in your head. Buying a home is also likely an image of success for you, as it is for many other people in today’s generation and the

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COVID-19 and Real Estate: The Image of Real Estate Post-Pandemic

During the pandemic, one fact that’s become true is the need for the real estate market — and other markets — to recover. Businesses have been in lockdown since it was announced early last year, and the situation has yet to come back to what can be said as a ‘normal’ situation. The day-to-day grind

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