A Guide to Selecting a Wealth Management Firm

In the current economy, safeguarding and building one’s wealth is essential. One excellent option of protecting and growing your assets is hiring a wealth management company. Such a financial institution will integrate all your investments and estate plans to achieve a significant return on investment (ROI). They will also create a business strategy that can

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Great Side Hustles to Help You Earn More Cash

Everyone wants to make more money, but trying to get a promotion at work or a raise is never an easy thing. People also do not have enough time or energy to pick up a second full-time job. Luckily, there are many side hustles you can do in your free time that will not feel

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Starting Up: SaaS Products You Need for Your Small Business

It is said that when you start up your business, the first five years are the hardest. Cash inflow is minimal (if anything, your cashflow would comprise primarily of expenses rather than profit) and you may need a few programs and SaaS purchases to help you get started. It may get overwhelming, so a reliable SaaS marketing

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Guide to Portland: 5 Must-Visit Historical Landmarks

What makes for an impressive edifice or structure? Among some considerations are great design elements, a classic aesthetic that endures the passage of time, and a solid build—all of which are taken into account in the process of building commissioning. Portland, Oregon is no stranger to breathtaking buildings and is, in fact, home to several

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Three Big Ways Businesses Can Win Against Product Returns

Although product returns are part of the sales cycle, they are costly. Annually, businesses lose over $500 billion, according to the IHL Group. They can also account for as much as 30% of the purchase price. In other words, customers end up paying more for the product. One of the ways to reduce product returns

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The Next Step in Expanding Your Business

Deciding to go into business is one of the most daunting things you can do. It gets especially risky when you invest so much of your time and resources into something you can only forecast the performance. Props to you if you managed to overcome this challenge. However, after that first leap comes the next.

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HR Management

People Matters: The Role of HR Management in Company Efficiency

When starting a business, managing human resources seems easy, given the small number of employees. Owners with excellent employee and time management skills can even handle this task with ease. At this stage, the company is more focused on growth and the establishment of their company in the market. After the company achieves its short-term

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Email letters

Top Reasons Why Direct Mail Still Matters in 2020

Have you ever wondered if it’s still worth investing in direct mail services? In this day and age, anything old seems boring, and you might be tempted to ditch out this old form marketing campaign. If this is your case, think again because direct mail is alive and well. While all the buzz is in

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