Post-pandemic Parties: 4 Changes to How You’ll Plan Your Future Corporate Events

The event industry was hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies and event organizers were beginning to plan the year’s parties, meetings, and conferences when the world turned upside down. Proximity became dangerous, any surface could be contaminated, and even the prospect of leaving your home induces paranoia. Canceling events was the only option most

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7 Personality Traits Successful Business Owners Cultivate

In 2017, a survey of 65 countries all over the world revealed over 580 million people were running their own businesses. Entrepreneurship is a great way to become financially independent or leave a legacy for your loved ones. It can also represent an interesting challenge for people who want to try their hand in something

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asset management concept

Asset Development Dips? It’s Time to Stop Blaming, and Contribute

The asset management and development industry has had quite a considerable share of highs and lows in its pursuit for relevance in modern-day industrial and residential applications. Largely, that has resulted from delayed collaboration by industry players for products and legislation that will push for continual product and service improvement. There has also been stiff

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5 Reasons Luxury Cars are Good Investment

The luxury car industry wasn’t initially for everyone. But because of popular demand, there are now choices out there that can give you a sophisticated driving experience at a fairly reasonable price. You can get models under $30,000 from leading names in the industry, including Cadillac, BMW, and Audi. Although that’s still a steep price

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Conference room

Investing in Good Indoor Quality in the Office Amid the Coronavirus

A lot of countries have lifted strict lockdowns in March. As they try to revive the economy, establishments have begun to open, and offices are resuming their business hours. Indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, according to EPA. With the pandemic still present, staying in an enclosed space with

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The Costs of Starting and Running A Home-Based Business

Running a home-based business is an ideal set-up for many people — and for good reason. Not only do you get to be your own boss, but you also enjoy limitless earning potential and you won’t have to suffer through the stress of the daily commute like everyone else. However, a home-based business is still

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construction worker

Jobs That Require You to Use Appropriate Work Boots

Although technology and equipment are continually evolving in today’s contemporary world, one thing remains constant, and that’s different industries that involve manual labour requires strong and capable men to run. However, even if builders work like a well-oiled machine, they’re bound to get injured because, after all, they’re still human. Countries like the USA and

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Is a Borrowed Deposit a Viable Substitute for Genuine Savings?

It’s common knowledge that you need funds kept in your savings account over a certain period to prove that you’re responsible enough to handle your finances to qualify for a home loan. Australian mortgage lenders call them genuine savings. Genuine is the operative word; these cash reserves generally can come only from regular incomes, for

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Dealing with Debt by Liquidating Assets

Crushing debt hampers the growth of your wealth. The usual way of paying off debt is the slow way of multiple payments across the years. But this can be too slow for some people. If you want to pay off your mortgage now, one option is to sell off some of your assets. Here is

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