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How Restaurants Can Survive Any Pandemic Wave

A hygienic restaurant is a safe restaurant. While customers may not be dining in right now, they will appreciate it if you make an effort to be sanitary. Additionally, it will ensure that you are following local safety standards. You don’t want to be shut down by the local government for sanitary and hygiene violations,

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Start a Home Business and Learn How to Maximize Profit

Despite the many difficulties from the coronavirus pandemic, there were 1.5 million applications for new businesses in the U.S. in the third quarter of 2020, almost twice that of the third quarter of 2019. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that there were 492,000 applications for new business in January 2021, almost a third

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2021 Small Business Trends That Provide Solutions

We are a few months into the year 2021, but anxieties still run high as the world economy is still struggling to keep its pace. Many major businesses were either forced to closed or to halt operations, not knowing when they will be able to return. Large companies have taken action such as downsizing or

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Help Your Small Business Survive COVID-19 in 5 Simple Ways

Based on the Local Economic Impact Report conducted by Yelp, over 97,966 businesses have declared permanent closure as a direct impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. By extension, these permanent closures meant that massive job layoffs also followed, which is why mental health problems were also on an all-time high during the height of the pandemic’s

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Financial Mistakes New Business Owners Make

Starting the first business, whether big or small, is a significant milestone for any entrepreneur. You’ve spent months or even years creating your business plan, exhausted all of your options for funding, hyped your business up with friends and family, and now you’ve finally flipped the sign to ‘Open’ (whether literally or figuratively). You probably

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5 Reasons Why Franchising Is a Smart Move in 2021

If you’re thinking of starting a business but finding yourself intimidated by building a completely new brand from the ground, perhaps franchising is for you. Here are some reasons why franchising could be a smart and lucrative business opportunity when a pandemic and a recession. Historically, franchise businesses have more chances of succeeding. While there’s

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