Organic Food Investment Opportunities

With millions of people becoming more dedicated to living a healthier and natural lifestyle throughout the years, organic food and products are becoming mainstream. In fact, the global organic food industry today is worth more than $95 billion, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with many investment opportunities. Here are some of the most profitable organic food business

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Post-pandemic Parties: 4 Changes to How You’ll Plan Your Future Corporate Events

The event industry was hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies and event organizers were beginning to plan the year’s parties, meetings, and conferences when the world turned upside down. Proximity became dangerous, any surface could be contaminated, and even the prospect of leaving your home induces paranoia. Canceling events was the only option most

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Home repair

Home Repair Delays? Top 3 Reasons Homeowners Do It

Any damage to a house, whether in its interior or exterior, can be a major inconvenience. You’ll often hear people complaining about a problem with their plumbing, foundation, or HVAC system. Still, with all the trouble these cause them, they don’t seem to have any plans of getting them repaired anytime soon. It’s not a total mystery

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abandoned building

Urbex Tourism: The Perils of Going into Abandoned Places

Urban exploration, also known as urbex tourism or “urbexing,” refers to the exploration of derelict urban structures. This can mean going to unkempt buildings, underground railways, old sewers, and even roofs of skyscrapers. Some do this because of curiosity, while others for the thrill of the unknown. There are also some whose intention is to capture,

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How to Make Better Sausages

The sausage is a culinary mainstay in many countries and is one of the most popular food items in the world. They’re juicy, flavorful, easy to eat and last a long time. Many cultures have their own take on the sausage, from the merguez of North Africa, the chorizo of Spain, the bratwurst and frankfurter

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Business and Service: Supporting a Community Sustainably

This time of year, charity institutions are more active in holding fundraisers for gift-giving and soup kitchens. If you have a small company looking to join this fanfare to do your community social responsibility work, instead of giving dole-outs, you might want to help establish a more sustainable initiative. Share your business skills so that

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7 Personality Traits Successful Business Owners Cultivate

In 2017, a survey of 65 countries all over the world revealed over 580 million people were running their own businesses. Entrepreneurship is a great way to become financially independent or leave a legacy for your loved ones. It can also represent an interesting challenge for people who want to try their hand in something

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asset management concept

Asset Development Dips? It’s Time to Stop Blaming, and Contribute

The asset management and development industry has had quite a considerable share of highs and lows in its pursuit for relevance in modern-day industrial and residential applications. Largely, that has resulted from delayed collaboration by industry players for products and legislation that will push for continual product and service improvement. There has also been stiff

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pest in the house

Things that Will Drive People Away from Your Property

|When you put your property up for sale or try to draw more people in to rent it out or make use of any services you provide, you want to make the space as attractive as possible to invite them in. If they have a good perception of the property, you are one step closer

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