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Milton Police Department

The Weekly Passdown from Milton reported 84 criminal cases during the week of Aug. 26 with 19 arrests.

  • Officers assisted East Pierce Fire with a medical call on the 600 block of 11th Avenue. The case was a possible drug overdose. Dispatch advised a female was down and possibly not breathing, and there may be drugs involved. Subject told police she had injected some heroin and smoked some marijuana before she was transported to the hospital for treatment.

  • Police contacted a female living in the woods next to the Daffodil Motel on the 7900 block of Pacific Highway. A family member was contacted who picked the woman up and transported her to a hospital.

  • A victim called police and reported his vehicle had been vandalized and a can of paint poured on it while it was parked on the 800 block of 10th Avenue.

  • Police were dispatched to a suspicious person at a bank along the 1200 block of Meridian Avenue. A male and female were contacted, and they admitted to using drugs in the recent past but had none on them when searched by the officer. They were trespassed from the area, and both were from the Federal Way area.

  • A man was found in a bathroom at a business along the 2800 block of Milton Way. He was bleeding and attempting to use an injection device. He was arrested and booked into jail.

  • Dispatcher received a report of two females fighting in the Spring Valley Mobile Home Park. Subjects cited and released for disorderly conduct. One female arrested for outstanding warrant out of Fife.

  • A man reportedly confronted his ex-girlfriend and stole her purse from off her arm while along the 400 block of 22nd Avenue. The woman had a protection order in place at the time he violated the order. He took the purse and fled. He was later located in Federal Way and taken into custody for a number of misdemeanor and felony charges.

  • Officers arrived and contacted one suspect on foot after they learned of a burglary in progress along the 1100 block of Porter Way. When he was told to stop, he attempted to get away. After a struggle and use of force, he was taken into custody. The neighbors said that they had never seen the man, and that the house had been abandoned for almost 18 months. The man was booked into Puyallup jail after medics checked him out for health issues. The suspect was a former tenant with an extensive criminal history. The female driver got away and no plate was seen.

Fife Police Department

The Fife Police Department reported the following incidents on its blog, http://fifepolicedepartment.blogspot.com. The department reported 472 during the week of Aug. 31.

  • The Fife Police Department is now accepting applications for entry-level and lateral reserve officer positions. These are non-paid, volunteer positions. The department hopes to fill five to seven positions. Application deadline is Sept. 7, by close of business and testing is Sept. 15. The testing process includes a physical agility test and a written exam. If a candidate passes both, an oral board interview will follow. This will determine candidates for the November 2012 academy. Applications and more information about the reserve police officer program are available online.

  • Following up on a tip, Fife police investigations personnel were able to identify a marijuana growing operation in the 1900 block of 62nd Avenue East on Aug. 23.

  • A search warrant was obtained for a residence and served with the assistance of the Metro SWAT team. Four subjects were taken into custody for investigation for unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance. Multiple marijuana plants and related marijuana growing materials were located inside the residence. Several items of drug paraphernalia were also located. The grow operation was located adjacent to two day care facilities. Chief Brad Blackburn stated "This was a good arrest. We have zero tolerance for drugs and drug activity in Fife. The safety of our community is our number one priority."

  • A man crashed his car along the 3100 block of Freeman Road East on Aug. 28, with his two children in the car. He was arrested for driving under the influence. The 27-year-old man was reportedly passing another car at the corner while in a no-passing zone when he left the road and crashed. He reportedly then took the children to a relative's house nearby before returning to the scene. The children were not injured in the crash.

  • A man making odd comments about his recent activities during the public speaking portion of the Aug. 28 Fife City Council meeting caused concern among those in attendance. The man rambled about various unrelated issues, including the fact that he could access money faster than anyone simply going to an automated teller machine. Officers were alerted and interviewed the man in a nearby park after he departed the meeting. A records check of the man's identity came back with a confirmed misdemeanor warrant for theft out of Seattle, one misdemeanor warrant for theft out of Chehalis and a felony warrant for probation violation for larceny out of Oregon. Another check also indicated the man had a suspended license third degree but admitted he had driven a vehicle to City Hall to attend the meeting. The vehicle was still parked in the City Hall lot. The man was then taken into custody and booked into the Pierce County Jail, where he awaited transport back to Oregon.

  • Judge Kevin G. Ringus administered the oath of office to Fife's newest police officer Daniel R. Goff. Goff was then introduced to Fife City Council and public at the regular council meeting. Goff was hired on Aug. 1, as a lateral entry police officer. Goff most recently served as a police officer for the City of Brier in Snohomish County. He is a graduate of Federal Way High School. In August 2008, Goff received his bachelor of arts degree from Western Washington University with majors in sociology and business management. Goff is currently assigned to an eight-week program designed to familiarize lateral officers with the city, and policies and procedures specific to the department. It is anticipated that his training will be complete in early October, after which he will be assigned to full-duty status. The force now has two vacant positions, only one of which is funded.

Edgewood Police Department

The Edgewood Police Department reported the following incidents:

  • On Aug. 28 Edgewood and Pierce County deputies assisted another agency in arresting two suspects for a residential burglary that occurred in their jurisdiction.

  • On Aug. 28 an Edgewood officer investigated a theft and identity theft in the 2400 block of West Valley. The officer was able to develop evidence to arrest the suspect for the crimes as well as for failing to register as a sex offender.

  • On Aug. 30 Edgewood officers were able to locate and arrest a suspect involved in a 2011 theft case. The suspect was arrested for the theft as well as for trafficking in stolen property.

  • On Aug. 31 officers located a suspect who had possessed a vehicle that was stolen in Bellevue and dumped in Edgewood. The suspect was arrested for possessing stolen property.


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