Dream Center opens in Edgewood

//New Mary kay training facility hosts grand opening June 3.

Cindy Towne is owner and operator of the Dream Center - a destination Mary Kay training facility in Edgewood. (Photo by Clare Jensen)

One of the oldest, most respected, female-driven cosmetic sales companies in the world now has a new home in Edgewood.

It is called the Dream Center, and it will help hundreds of independent Mary Kay sales representatives and beauty consultants hone their business skills, and follow their dreams of success.

Local independent sales directors and beauty consultants will now be coming to the Dream Center each week, after outgrowing their old training center in Puyallup.

Opened and operated by Lake Tapps resident Cindy Towne, who has climbed to the top of the international cosmetics company in her 29-year career with Mary Kay, she says the Dream Center is a support system to help independent businesswomen to be as successful as possible.

Located at a former accounting office and bank on 8th Street East behind the Walgreens on Meridian Avenue, Towne has transformed the building into a meeting place and educational facility for the 20 independent directors who lease the work space and help train the hundreds of beauty consultants who come in for training and informational meetings daily.

“People will be coming to the Dream Center from around the area every day, and patronizing local businesses while they’re at it,” she said. “The Dream Center will mean business for a small area.”

The Dream Center can host large events and meetings, and also has several smaller training rooms, facial rooms and workspace for the directors.

Training covers networking, cosmetic basics, skin care, goal setting, leadership skills and business management.

“We teach women how to successfully run a business independently,” she said.

“We take people from ground zero to winning cars – and coming to management themselves.”

Towne is passionate about the possibilities Mary Kay brings its sales directors and consultants, and her own family is a shining example of that.

Towne is part of a long lineage of Mary Kay reps. Her mother Robert Sallustio and daughter Amber Faulk are both high achieving sales directors, and Towne is one of 200 national sales directors in the United States. When Towne’s grandmother Etrice was still living, four generations of women in her family were Mary Kay success stories.

She noted that in a tough economy, more people are considering alternatives to their current financial plans, and as one of the consistently top performing companies in the world, Mary Kay can be a good option for women who need to develop some financial security.

“We are 100 percent debt free, and we have 100 percent customer satisfaction We’ve been the top for 15 consecutive years in skin care and color cosmetics,” she said.

And during a recession, cosmetics and skin care is one industry that does not waiver. “Everybody does something to their skin. You don’t just say ‘I’m not going to clean my skin for a month.’”

One of Towne’s goals for the Dream Center is not only to be a resource for women starting out with their own businesses, but also to literally get them dreaming again.

“Today people are in such a rat-race, just trying to stay alive. When people are in survival mode, they forget to dream. Survival doesn’t motivate people, dreams do.”

“And we do big things at Mary Kay,” she said. “We are some of the most successful women in the world. Cosmetics is big business.”

Dream Center will host its ribbon cutting and grand opening event at 1 p.m. June 3 with Fife Milton and Edgewood Chamber of Commerce.

Call Towne for more information about the Dream Center at (253) 299-6264.


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