A Princess Appearance

From left, Daffodil Princesses Alexandria Cole (Chief Leschi), Savannah Fry (Studium) and Delaney Farrell (Fife) visited the Fife Pierce County Library to read their favorite children's books to young onlookers on March 24. (Photo by Kate Burrows)

Little princesses-to-be gathered with their families at area libraries March 24 for a rare opportunity to meet a real princess through The Daffodil Festival's "Read with a Princess" program. Princesses Savannah Fry (Stadium), Delaney Ferrell (Fife) and Alexandria Cole (Chief Leschi) entertained the audience in the Fife Pierce County Library by reading their favorite children's books, and spoke of the memorable journey they have experienced throughout the Daffodil festivities.

"I have had such a blast," said Ferrell. "We've had a lot going on the past couple weeks, but it has been so much fun."

Fry's most memorable moment so far is appearing at a local Boys & Girls Club. "Being a Daffodil Princess is about more than a tiara," she said. "The Pierce County Council named us official ambassadors of Pierce County, and that's a big responsibility."

Princesses also made an appearance at the Milton/Edgewood Pierce County Library, delighting a crowd of onlookers. Princesses Delaney Roosendaal (Cascade Christian) and Megan Gimmestad (Puyallup) enjoy working with children and getting to know their community. "I love getting out in the community and doing things I wouldn't normally be able to do otherwise," Roosendaal said.

Princesses appeared at 25 libraries across the county through this partnership among the Daffodil Festival, Pierce County, Puyallup and Tacoma Public Libraries. Princesses read stories, posed for photos and gave a special gift to children attending the event.

Newly crowned Daffodil Queen Sarah Karamoko (Foss High School) made her appearance at Tacoma's Wheelock Library during the event.

During the Queen's Coronation celebration that took place earlier this month, a queen was selected to reign over the many festival events. During the coronation, princesses were judged on their academic standing, personality, attitude, speaking ability, appearance, sociability, content of their speech, festival awareness and impromptu speaking abilities.

Karamoko plans to attend Western Washington University and major in neuroscience. As a newcomer to the area, she was not exactly familiar with the longstanding tradition of the Daffodil festivities. "I have heard a lot of good things about it so I cannot wait," she said of the parade.

Karamoko was born in Ivory Coast and moved to the Northwest only five years ago. Karamoko, along with the other princesses, will participate in 21 parades throughout the Northwest this spring and summer.

"I have learned so much about myself and my friends," she said of her participation so far.

Jasmine Heindel of Spanaway Lake High School was chosen as first runner-up, and Fry was picked as second runner-up.

The queen also receives a $6,000 scholarship, while each princess receives a $1,000 scholarship.

John Larson contributed to this report.


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