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Revised Sound Transit 3 plan would bring rail to the Fife

The Sound Transit Board is moving forward with a revised package of mass transit projects around Puget Sound that will face voters this fall. The revised Sound Transit 3 package will speed up several key projects in Pierce County, including the routing of rail service through Fife.

The transit board is now set to formalize the package of projects this week. The vote would officially kick off the $54 billion bond measure set for a vote of residents of the urbanized areas of Snohomish, King and Pierce counties in November. Changes to the timeline and added projects came following an analysis of bond capacity showed bond debt associated with Sound Transit 2 packages would taper off before any new debt is taken on if ST3 gets a nod from voters. Voters approved Sound Transit 2 in 2008. The first mass transportation package, that formed… Read Full Story

It’s Just Business: Mountain Muesli

The beauty of entrepreneurship is that the sky’s the limit when it comes to ideas that have the potential to flower into a successful business. Some people may invent a revolutionary product that puts them on a pathway to a winning new venture, while for others the simplest thing can hold that golden nugget to make their business dreams come true.

For Chris Young, it was breakfast cereal.

“I got started because I was living in Iceland and really fell in love with the cereal I was eating there,” he said. “After I got back to the states, I couldn’t find anything that was really equal to that and so I started making my… Read Full Story

Study shows Sheriff’s Department seriously understaffed

Representatives from Public Safety Strategies Group (PSSG) have presented a study to the Pierce County Council that shows the Sheriff’s Department is seriously understaffed. PSSG recommends the Sheriff’s Department hire between 72 and 82 employees in order to improve service delivery, increase community engagement and ensure public safety. “My goal in contracting with an outside agency was to obtain an unbiased review of the structure and staffing of the law enforcement side of the department,” said Sheriff Paul Pastor. “The team from… Read Full Story

More News

BAIL SET AT $50,000 FOR HIGH PRIORITY OFFENDER Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist charged high priority offender David Keith Legge, 52, on June 20 with burglary in the second degree. At his arraignment, the court set bail at $50,000. “The goal of the High Priority Offender Program is to make…

FME food fight raises thousands of pounds for Fish Food Bank

Attention Fife, Milton, and Edgewood: The competition for the FME Food Fight was extended through June 20 due to the amount of donations businesses and people wanted to give to take a swing at knocking out hunger. It’s been an intense round and all communities have come together in time for the…

Decisions pending in water-protecting initiatives, LNG’s ‘worst case’ response
Steve Dunkelberger

Port of Tacoma Commissioners have acknowledged – to some degree – that the now-dead effort to site the world’s largest methanol conversion plant in the world, the current controversy about plans for a liquefied nature gas (LNG) facility and the grassroots uprising regarding large-water-volume…

Fife car tabs could increase by $20 to fund road work

The City of Fife Transportation Benefit District Board, which is composed of all members of Fife City Council, is preparing to vote on a $20 annual car tab fee to fund road projects. The vote had been set for Tuesday night’s meeting, June 21, at Fife City Hall, but the meeting and vote were postponed…

Jazzbones fundraiser to help burglary victim Kris ‘Sonics Guy’ Brannon
Ernest A. Jasmin

This spring was quite a roller coaster ride for Kris “Sonics Guy” Brannon, the Tacoma super-fan who's been carrying the torch for the Seattle Supersonics since the team left for Oklahoma City in 2008. Thousands have seen Brannon adorned in green and gold as he's appeared at hundreds of local festivals…

Community mourns passing of 13-year-old Milton boy
Derek Shuck

Residents of the Milton, Edgewood and Fife communities continue to mourn 13-year-old Carson Styron, a local student who passed away in an ATV accident on June 5. Styron was attending a barbeque when the accident occurred, and paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. Styron was an energetic young…

City of Milton Water Department’s Drinking Water Testing Program

Due to the recent issues Tacoma has been facing regarding their drinking water, the City of Milton has been receiving inquiries about our drinking water testing program. The City of Milton has an in-depth testing program and our tests show that we are well within limits for all of the required testing…

Fire and Rescue News

East Pierce Fire & Rescue would like you and your family to be safe this Independence Day. Please use these tips and regulations to help prevent disaster this July 4. Although it is safest to take your family to a professional fireworks display, millions of people choose to use fireworks on their…

The Lions Den

In our continuing efforts to work with the Fife School District, we have partnered with their determination in getting students to school. Community truancy boards include counselors, school district officials, community volunteers and someone from the juvenile court, who will meet with a student…

Kitsap Bank names 2016 scholarship recipients

Kitsap Bank has presented eight scholarships to the graduating children of Kitsap Bank employees. Among this year’s scholarship recipients are Bellarmine Preparatory School graduate Alexis Bryson, daughter of Mary Kay Bryson; Olympic High School graduate MacKenzie Benson, daughter of Kimberley Webster;…