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Transit plan moves toward November ballot

The planned Sound Transit 3 package that is bound for the November ballot passed on April 29. Today is the deadline for public comment on a draft roster of mass transit projects that includes Sounder rail service between Federal Way and Tacoma and a light rail extension from downtown Tacoma to Tacoma Community College.

Sound Transit released the draft list of possible Sound Transit 3 projects earlier this year and has been gathering comments from around Puget Sound as they finalize the timelines and projects that will eventually make their way to the final bond packages voters will consider at the ballot box this fall.

Sound Transit will consider comments to finalize the list of projects and timelines by June and float the ballot measure on the Nov. 8.

"Sound Transit 3 delivers on the promise of a truly regional… Read Full Story

It’s Just Business: Local entrepreneur talks about the quandary of hiring

As a lifelong entrepreneur, William Manzanares always has his mind on his business and his business on his mind. “Business is my hobby and my obsession,” as he puts it, and he has achieved a lot of success with this attitude. As owner of numerous start-ups, like his Smokin’ Willy’s smoke shops and North Point Bar and Grill, Manzanares is always looking ahead to the future such that he recently closed the bar & grill to open our city’s first ever health-oriented convenience store called Tacoma Fresh.
With his experience, desire for growth and the drive to get there, Manzanares said he has all kinds of additional plans to… Read Full Story

Empty tanker cars jump tracks on tideflats

A stack of 24 tanker cars partially derailed on the Tacoma Tideflats about 9:15 a.m. on April 22. There were no injuries. The tankers were empty so no spill following the incident but the otherwise busy intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Taylor Way was closed for 12 hours to allow crews time to lift the tankers back onto their chassis and for investigators to gather information. The accident happened at a curve in the track and occurred when the weather was slightly rainy, although track conditions apparently didn’t play into the cause of the… Read Full Story

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More News
CRIME STOPPERS: Tacoma Police searching for kidnapping and rape suspect
David Rose

Tacoma Police are asking for help finding Oscar Sanabria who is charged in Pierce County Superior Court with rape in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree. Prosecutors say that on March 29, he offered to give the victim a ride from a McDonalds restaurant at 72nd Street and Pacific Avenue…

Justice for Jackie efforts move forward
Matt Nagle

It appears that the efforts of the Justice for Jackie committee are having an effect. After first organizing a public march and rally through downtown Tacoma on March 16 to bring attention to the Tacoma police shooting that took Jacqueline Salyers’ life on Jan. 28, members of the Justice for Jackie…

Marijuana prevention conference to bring youth, parents together
Eilish McLean Special to Tacoma Weekly

“What’s your natural high?” That’s what the Pierce County Prevention Collaborative is asking teens next month – and a warning: the answer they’re looking for isn’t marijuana. The Collaborative consists of several local organizations, including Safe Streets, Tacoma Urban League, Puget…

East Pierce receives donation to help save pets

Thanks to Invisible Fence of Seattle, East Pierce Fire & Rescue firefighters now have specially-designed equipment that will help save pets suffering from smoke inhalation when they have been rescued from a fire. The masks allow firefighters to more effectively administer oxygen to cats and…

The Lions Den

The next couple of years in Lions will be an exciting time because we are celebrating our 100th birthday. The exact date will be June 7, 2017. At this time clubs, zones, districts, multiple districts and International are in the planning stages of their big events. There are many options to choose…

Fire and Rescue News: Be A Safe Sitter This Summer

For years, adolescent babysitters have been “stepping in” for parents who are “stepping out.” And while many of these young people bring with them a love and desire to care for children, few are prepared for the magnitude of responsibilities they assume. East Pierce Fire teaches the Safe Sitter…

Tacoma Weekly ‘Crime Stoppers’
David Rose

A 32-year-old woman from Florida has been identified as the suspect in a series of identity theft and check fraud cases in Pierce County. She was wanted after a woman's purse was stolen during a car prowl at a gym in Edgewood. The suspect cashed $6,000 worth of checks…

Tacoma laces up and goes to school for annual Walk Series kickoff
Michael Sherman Special to Tacoma Weekly

Health-conscious Tacomans honed body and mind on April 6 during Walk Tacoma’s kickoff event for the year. Participants threaded their way through Wright Park and around downtown, making a couple stops to familiarize themselves with the stories behind two of the city’s historic schools, Stadium…

It’s Just Business: When I Work app makes employee scheduling easy
William Manzanares

While on vacation a while back, my friend was trying to solve a problem and she said wouldn’t it be cool if there were an app that you could use to schedule your employees and all that it entails without having to call everyone and take hours away from managers’ time? I did some research and found…

Michaels Marketing Minute

YouTube! So fun! We spend hours watching videos of our favorite bands, how-to videos on getting the garbage disposal working again, and funny cat videos (my personal favorites – have you seen the ones with the cucumbers?). But what if all the millions of people on YouTube were watching your videos…