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Walk-a-thon raises money for Hedden Elementary School

What started out as a walk-a-thon quickly escalated into a high-energy hop-skip-jump-dance-run-a-thon at Hedden Elementary School, when on March 13 students from 2nd-grade on up to 5th-grade thoroughly enjoyed this day of fundraising fun. With the theme “Chasing a Pot of Gold” giving a nod to St. Patrick’s Day, the little runners did just that in quickly-paced laps around the school. Glittery green shamrocks hung from tree branches to mark the route and green glitter lit the way on the sidewalks.

“I wanted them to feel like they were walking in fields of clovers,” said Krissie Carl, a Fife Schools para-substitute and teacher’s aide who led the organizing for Hedden’s 2015 PTA Walk-a-Thon. All of the donations the students collected from their friends, neighbors and family will go back into the school to help out…

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