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Milton to receive 9/11 artifact for memorial

It started 10 years ago, a desire to memorialize those whose lives were lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Jack Chandler knew he wanted Milton to be a place of remembrance for that tragic day but he just wasn’t sure how.

The answer came from Kennewick. When visiting his brother-in-law years later, he couldn’t help but notice the town’s 40-foot tall artifact from the World Trade Center, the city’s own memorial to those fallen.

“I saw their piece of material and I thought geeze that would be something nice to have here for our communities,” Chandler said

A decade later Chandler, along with the rest of Milton’s 9/11 Memorial Committee, Councilmember Lois Zaroudny and Ryan Starr, have finally achieved the dream. After a three-year waiting process, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have sent…

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